Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Book Review: The Secret of The Shadow

Our fears, doubts, inner critics, worries, lack of self-worth and self-love is an image of our shadow. We believe that this is a safe haven to hide and protect us, but what we're really hiding from is our true selves: our gifts, authenticity, our own light and true essence.

In the book, The Secret of The Shadow Debbie Ford uncovers our "story:" our past, misfortunes, trauma, abuse, loss of love and friendships, our anger, bitterness and lack of forgiveness. Debbie Ford describes our story as our Unique Recipe: she states, "In your life you have tasted the sweetness of love, the sour disappointment of loss, the bitterness that remains too many heartbreaks. Everyone of these experiences is part of your unique recipe. You wouldn't be you without them."

At the end of every chapter she has "Healing Action Steps" and questions to dive into to help the process with facing your shadow. Some of the questions run deep, like "Who would I be without my story?" and "What am I afraid I will lose if I give up my story?" Now that is a question to make your self go bonkers!

What am I afraid I will lose if I give up my story?

  • My comfort zone
  • My safe haven
  • My family and friends
  • My protection of armour
  • Myself (or the self I've become accustomed to)
  • To receive true happiness only for it to be taken away
Debbie Ford believes that everything we've been through we need to contribute to the world. I agree. I have and continue to do this through my writings and creativity as I share my stories, obstacles and experiences all the time. She states, "In order to discover your specialty, you must be committed to using everything you have been through to contribute to someone else's life. You don't need to be a college professor or an author to contribute your specialty to the world."

The power of owning your whole story: face it, embrace it and share it with the world. What is your story? Who is your shadow? What is your light? Gather your ingredients from your recipe and you have your life purpose!

If you are interested in Shadow work and moving forward in your life, this book will help you.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kick Ass Journal Prompts

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."  Earnest Hemingway

Journal prompts have amazing benefits that strengthens one's self-confidence, writer's block and storytelling. This Halloween, turn your writer's block into a creepy, crawly, brew-ha-ha masterpiece!

  1.  You entered an empty, abandoned house filled with cobwebs. The only thing left behind is a picture on the wall. Behind the picture is a key and a note. What is the key for? What does the note say?
  2. A  New York City play director calls you to cast in the Adams Family play. He would like you to be Wednesday. He's thinking about changing Wednesday's character to fit today's generation and asked for your opinion. Who is Wednesday today?
  3. Write a story only using the words candle, pen and broom.
  4. You have one hour to leave your house and only take three things. What three things will you bring with you and how will they help you in life?
  5. You're lost. Through your journey, you've come across a dirty, old bar. Sitting at the bar are three people: a skeleton, a witch and a Genie. Each one has a story to tell. What did they share?
  6. Halloween night you decided to walk around your neighborhood to be a part of the festivities. People were dressed up in wicked costumes and the energy was intense. From afar, there was a lot of screaming and laughter. You decided to walk towards the commotion. On the way towards your destination, you find a bloody knife on the ground, a white scarf and a snicker bar. What happened? Did you ever make it to your destination?
  7. During a Full Moon, you decide to embrace her energy at the beach. Sitting in the sand, you look up and embrace her presence. The breeze and energy puts you into a relaxing state leaving you in a trance. Someone taps your shoulder and startles you. Who is it? What happened?
  8. One evening, You and a friend are driving home from the mall. Your car gets stuck on the side of the road and there are no gas stations around. You both decide to walk for help and come across a huge Victorian Home. The both of you walk up to the house and noticed that a party was going on. As you walk to the front door a man on a white horse with a black cape stops you in your tracks. What happens? Did you enter the house?
  9. You're a kitchen witch. Your kitchen is filled with herbs and spices. Someone is in trouble and asks if you could cook up a magic spell. What is their issue? What is your recipe?
  10. You were invited to have dinner with the cast from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. What's for dinner? What was talked about? What happened?
  11. Write a story only using the words pumpkin, grass and owl.
  12. One morning, you decided to take a walk through the woods and came across this long trail. As you followed the trail, you noticed smoke from a distance. Where was the smoke coming from? What did you find through your walk?
  13. Write a story using the meanings from the songs Monster Mash, Devil Woman (Cliff Richard), and House of the Rising Sun.
  14. Write a story only using the words starfish, Buddha and witch.
  15. You have a chance to become a symbol for a new Tarot Card. What's your symbol? What is the meaning?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Quiet Mind

This past summer, I embraced a self-discovery journey through shadow work: this kind of healing work is both humiliating and liberating. In all honesty, the only way to heal from this kind of work is by speaking the truth; the truth to not only what has been bottled up inside of us, facing those who hurt us, but the truth to one's own decisions and choices.

As I sit here and write this, I think what to reveal, what to say and is opening up my veins and pouring my blood onto this page going to help me. If I am, for once, brutally honest with myself and in turn share my story, will this make me more vulnerable? Or will it help others to open their hearts onto a blank page and face the most heart-wrenching work a soul can ever endure. This is my story!

June 10, 2014

I was always a sensitive child. The slightest thing hurt me deeply and all I knew was that if you hurt me, my world, as I knew it, came crashing down. Never did I go around hurting others. I was the quiet one who stood in the corner observing those around me: I was laid back and passive. At the age of seventeen-years-old, I met my abuser. He was seven-years-older than me and I became pregnant. We married, had three kids and I dealt with harsh, brutal abuse for ten years.

The one thing I have come to realize about myself is that I have "A Quiet Mind." For most of my life, I would not speak about my feelings when others hurt me. For most of my life, I would take a deep breath when someone said harsh things to me. Many have hurt me and I may have hurt others as well; we are human. One thing I know for sure, I am not abusive. Having a Quiet Mind, it's kind of hard to hurt others; the silence keeps you from speaking.

It wasn't until about two - three years ago did I realize that I was a Highly-Sensitive Person and an Empath. There have been so many times in my life where I would be suckered into situations that I could not understand how I got there in the first place. Why? Because I continue to put everyone else's needs and feelings above mine.

July 8th, 2014

Last month's heart-pouring journal entry had me trembling and shaking. Speaking the truth is the most scariest, heart trembling thing to do; at least for me. Between the abuse I endured and the hurt from others, I started to feel unworthy. What did I do to deserve this? Why did I face abuse and hurt from those who claimed to love me? What made them think that their life and problems were far greater than the next person? Why didn't I have the balls to speak up?

I became numb. So numb, instead of confronting the situation myself, I became angry and bitter as my quiet mind started to melt away into thin air. This is where the truth comes in. This is where the not-allowed-victim-scenario comes in:
  • I chose them. 
  • I allowed things to go too far.
  • I had no boundaries within my own personal space.
  • Their personality didn't align with mine (like-minded or not).
  • I went against my intuition.
It's Not Easy Having a Kind Heart In A Cruel World

You see, the signs were always there. My intuition was always right, but I ignored it. Even after I realized that I was an HSP, I continued to ignore those signs. Why? Because I didn't want to hurt anyone: that empathic curse, yet a blessing, kicked my ass! I didn't want to analyze, look paranoid and be looked at as overly-sensitive. I saw the defensive side of others, the bullying and abuse from others as people don't realize that they are abusive. The sad part, I was always right on, but that Quiet Mind was conditioned to be silent.

I may be sensitive, but I am not defensive. Where did the kindness get me? And what conditioned me to be silent?

A Lesson Learned

Through this shadow work, I have come to realize that I will never go against my intuition ever again. Even if I may be wrong, if it is meant to be, then it will be. I do love my quiet mind - and refuse to go against my kind nature. I will continue to be the kind person that I am, but I have embraced the quote "Do no harm, but take no shit."

I have come to a place if I feel something is off, I confront the situation and move on. They can either be honest about their actions or they can ignore it. One thing I know for sure, when I am wrong, I admit it.

I have learned the hard way. As Buddha reminds us, "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of harming another; you end up getting burned."

Healing Through Creativity

Writing, painting and any kind of creative work opens the soul to where its never been before: the truth! When we embrace creativity, it takes us to places that we never knew exsisted: we awaken.

In the book, The Creative Connection by Natalie Rogers, Rogers states, "We express inner feelings by creating outer forms. Expressive art refers to using the emotional, intuitive aspects of ourselves in various media. To use the arts expressively means going into our inner realms to discover feelings and to express them through visual art, movement, sound, writing or drama."

The True Friend

Intuition is key towards ones personal life and business life. We must follow our hearts, listen to our bodies and trust ourselves as intuition is our true friend towards peace, contentment and success.


The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Patricia Evans
Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Intuitive Healing by Judith Orloff

FREE Ecourse

Awaken Your Soul

*Note: I have made peace with the abuse from my abuser. This shadow work is about my silence; the quiet mind. This is about boundaries and honoring ones own personal space.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Time After Time

I have to admit that I've been guilty with working on too many projects at one time. As a creative junkie, when I got stumped, I would jump into another project only to find myself with unfinished business. My time management sucked, but the funny thing: I knew what time management was all about.

About two years ago, I signed up for a free coaching call and one of the areas I focused on was time management. The coach shared with me what I already knew, but I needed that nudge, a little push to wake me up. After that phone call, I took a good, long look at myself in the mirror and asked myself:
  • What do you really want?
  • What do you want to share with the world?
  • What is your mission?
  • What do you want to offer?
  • What needs to get done?
  • What is your message?
  • What does the creative world need?
  • When are you going to pipe down and get down to business?
This amazing a-ha moment and the answer to these questions is what led me to where I am today. The truth is, time management is time well spent: spending time efficiently is key towards true success. If you took fifteen minutes to write a solid piece of work, then your work is done.

It's more about the creative process than the product. If the creative process is suffering, the work will never produce. It's better to have quality of work complete rather than the quantity. It's enlightening to have a five-page rockin' manual than to have a fifty page mess. It's liberating to have a project complete in its entirety than to have ten unfinished projects collecting dust mites.

Creating one thing at a time and completing the work is freedom. Granted, many creative souls get stumped on a project and work on something else as a way to pump up those creative juices, I was guilty of that; the key is to steer back to the original plan.

So, where does one start? Gather all your work-in progress, write a list from one to ten (one being most important, ten being the least important) and list what is most important to you. Ask yourself:
  • Where are you with your work?
  • When did you start each project?
  • How important was it to you then and how important is it to you now?
  • What would you like to accomplish first?
Focus is key. The completion of one's work is golden. 

When working towards our goals, achieving dreams, embracing a self-healing journey, writing a book, etc. embracing time management will set you free. If you are interested in learning more and wanting to venture out even further, check out The Dreamcatcher.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Feather Swatch-DIY

Gather art supplies; paints, sharpies, glue stick, glitter, cardstock, scrapbook paper, book rings etc. When designing your feather, sketch on bristol paper: this kind of paper works great for templates.
Outline your feathers with paints or markers. Add glitter, paint over them with watercolors. Doodle them, mod podge with magazine cut-outs and have fun!
Punch small holes at  the tip of your leaf. Place in book ring and you have yourself a Feather Swatch!
In back of the feathers write your favorite quotes and a love letter to yourself. Carry your swatch wherever you go for inspiration and simple reminders.
Facebook Cover for your enjoyment!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Autumn Themed Art Journal Prompts

I love the  Fall! The fall season brings forth breath-taken colors and the crisp, cool air comforts my soul! Between devilish decorating, halloween magic and comfy, cozy blanket snuggling, there is nothing like curling up on the couch with a crisp new journal and a hot cup of cocoa!

This is the season to be creative and kick our creative selves into the new year with a BANG! The creative process brings forth amazing results and allows our dreams to soar. What better way to create but by using seasonal themes!

Let's get started:

  1. Design an Autumn Journal: Scope out a sketch book, journal or art pad and use it for these prompts. The dollar store sells cheap journals. Give your journal a fall name. 
  2. Sketch a Pumpkin: You can paint, sketch, doodle, zentangle, fingerpaint and color. The possibilities are endless. If you want to try something different, create a Buddha Pumpkin.
  3. Write a Fall Recipe: Write and create your own fall recipe. Make your own creation. Be fearless.
  4. The Smells of Autumn: Embrace and take notice to the scents of fall. Write about them. What are you favorite fall smells? Cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, pumpkin, apple cider, the crisp air, the smell of leaves burning, candy corn: write about them.
  5. The Fall Season: What does the Fall season mean to you? How does it make you feel? What memories do you have for the fall season? Think about your childhood, raising your own family and traditions.
  6. Fall Scene: Sketch and draw an eloquent fall scene: use red, orange, yellow and brown colors. Draw trees, leaves and pumpkins. Or draw a scene in front of a fireplace.
  7. Story Picture: Find a fall season picture and write a story from the picture. Scope out fall theme magazines or surf on the internet for a seasonal picture.
  8. Design a Leaf: You can paint, sketch, doodle and fingerpaint a leaf. The symbolic meaning for a leaf is happiness, fertility, growth and truth.
  9. Write About Your Traditions: Mabon, Thanksgiving, Halloween - How do you celebrate? What do you do for fun? Write about it.
  10. Spooky Story: Write a spooky story. "The door slowly opened leaving a loud screeching sound. The silence was heavy and..."
  11. Design a Cauldron: Sketch a cauldron. It's your Creative Stew Pot! What are you going to put inside your Stew of Dreams. Use inspiring words and ideas.
  12. Write a Poem: Write a poem about the Fall. Use your five senses.
  13. Fall Mapping: Word map about the fall. Use leaves as the bubble for word mapping.
  14. The Sounds of Autumn: Describe the crunching sound of leaves, the crackling sounds of fire burning, the wind blowing against the trees and the sounds of halloween night.
  15. Watch A Fall Themed Movie: Write about it. Idea: Autumn in New York with Winona Rider and Richard Gere.
  16. Write a Letter to The Great Pumpkin: Charlie Brown did it. What do you wish for this fall season?
  17. Write a Story: Use three words: candy apples, forest and nightfall.
  18.  The Touch of Autumn: Take notice to the texture of autumn. When jumping into a pile of leaves, what does it feel like? How does it feel to hold a hot cup of cocoa in your hands?
  19. The Taste of Autumn: What are your favorite spices? What are your favorite fall foods?
  20. The Sights of Autumn: What does autumn look like to you? What do you see?
  21. Read a Fall Themed Book: Write about it.
  22. Go For a Nature Walk: Take your journal and go for a nature walk. Write about the things you discover? What do you see? How do you feel? Describe the scenery.
  23. If you don't like Fall, Write about it: Not everyone likes the fall season. Write why you don't like it.
  24. Symbolic Meanings: Everything is symbolic. Research symbolic meanings for acorns, fire, leaves, pumpkins and apples. Write about it.
  25. Fall Visionboard: Design a fall visionboard. Write about it.
  26. Design an Apple Tree: Sketch an apple tree. Each Apple holds a message. What are the messages on your apple tree?
  27. Draw a Haunted House: Who resides in the house? What is the history? What mystery secrets does it hold?
  28. Make Fall Wishes: What are your wishes? Write about them.
  29. Listen to Halloween Themed Songs: Write about them. Recreate them. Ideas: Monster Mash and Thriller.
  30. Create a Creative Sacred Space: Gather your creative tools, favorite drink, candles, snacks and anything that brings you joy. Write about. How does this space make you feel? How often would you like to visit your creative space?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dream Writer

I have been writing and creating since childhood. Growing up my inspirations were Judy Blume and one of my favorite books was The Outsiders just to name a few. I always had my nose deep in a good novel and kept many journals throughout my adolescent years. When Susan Sontra, from The Creating Room reached out to me to be a part of the Blog Hop, I was excited to share and join in on the fun.

What am I working on/Writing?

I decided to take the summer to reflect, ponder and simply look within. Taking a step back and allowing oneself to enjoy the moment truly helps with having a creative life and business. I had a program called The Dreamcatcher and decided to take it down for the summer. It's been a summer of dreamcatching moments as I have been revamping, revising and updating it. The Dreamcatcher is a unique coaching program that I designed as I re-invented the wheel so to speak

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work is a reflection of my own life experiences, trials and tribulations and I share my own coaching tools that I use for myself. I truly believe that, as a coach, using the tools that we offer to our clients is imperative. I love to experiment and try new things and in turn share it with the world.

Why do I write what I do?

I truly believe that sharing our own creative process and life experiences is the true essence towards helping others. I share what works through articles and show my creative process through pictures. Sharing our life experiences and our own tools are the best gifts to share with others.

How does my writing process work?

If I am working on a project, I will use my own Dreamcatcher Treasure Mapping Technique. I carry my Dream Journal with me wherever I go and I am always jotting things down as they come to me: I also do a lot of freewriting and doodling as a way to pump up those creative juices. I set up a ritual of candles, coffee and snacks; a sacred space filled with positive energy.

If I am working on an article, I will brainstorm and meditate on it for two days: I take the time to reflect and gather my thoughts. When I am writing an article, I always read the article out loud before publishing it; this is a great way to not only *read* your work but *hear* it: I like to write as if I am speaking with the reader.

Inspirational Blogs:

Gloria Gypsy
Gloria is an amazing intuitive painter and sacred artist. She is an amazing woman with a heart of gold. She teaches others to dive into their own intuitive path and seek their own inner healing and strength. Gloria is also the founder of Creative, Sacred Living Magazine.

Jennifer Seitzer
Jennifer is an amazing soul and friend. She is the founder of Transition To Glow where she helps others find the sacred in their sobriety through health and wellness. She is also a Crystal Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Walk In The Park

"Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes." Carl Jung

Every week, I grab a cup of coffee and my camera and head out to the park. I embrace the sounds of nature, breathe in the fresh air and as I sit on the park bench, the sun warms my soul and the sky touches my heart! When I am out and about, getting lost in the woods, everything becomes more clear. The peace I feel at that very moment, I want to take with me all day.

All summer, I have been on an excursion; a journey of self. I have done some major Shadow Work and took a step back from worry, fears and doubts! I tucked them away into a box this summer and let go. Through this, I took down The Dreamcatcher Program as I have been revamping, revising and updating this project without a care in the world: the only thing that came to mind was, "Do It Anyway."

And so I did! Fears, doubts, inner critics, comparison of others and worries can weigh a person down, but at the same time, these challenges can bring us home - home to our dreams-home to our true selves.

These challenges are an amazing journey that we can share with the world as I truly believe we are all one: we are all headed in the same direction - a place filled with love, peace, kindness, contribution and wanting to help others.

Through my walks in the park this is what I've learned:
  • Stop comparing myself to others.
  • Stop self-doubt.
  • Fear is my friend.
  • We are all walking the same path.
  • Just be your authentic self.
  • We all have gifts.
  • What we have to offer matters.
  • Every dream counts.
  • I could do this.
  • Inner critics challenges me.
  • I am just as creative and loving as the next person.
  • I have a lot to offer to the world.
  • I am a Creative Genius.
  • Everything is a learning experience and an opportunity to share with others.
  • Experience = Wisdom.
  • Wisdom cannot be taught.
  • Personal Power = Confidence.
  • I walk the talk.
  • I am a Guru of my own life.
  • Life is beautiful.
  • Share your joys with the world.
  • Do It Anyway!!
And So I Am!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Circle of Dreams

"The only journey is the one within." Rainer Maria Rilke

Dreams. What are they? They are anything you want them to be. If you are simply wanting to be happy - that is a fabulous dream. If you are wanting to overcome depression - that is a wonderful dream. If you want to write a book - that is an amazing dream. I wanted to see Stevie Nicks in concert - that was a lifetime dream and it came true!

I have been in the circle of dreams all my life. I have created and written since a teenager and put myself out there since 1999. I had up to seven blogs at one time, wrote for Suite101.com (paid job-site now retired), ehow.com (paid job), self-published a book, made and sold handmade crafts online, taught creative writing to home-school students (paid job) and so much more.

I knew in my heart that my strengths and passions are writing, creating and helping others. I went back to college in 2007 to become a counselor. Through it all, I always moved forward, tried new things and ventured out. 

On this spiritual journey of mine, I decided in 2010 to become a Reiki Master and Life Coach. With learning and experiencing so much in my life, I wanted to take all I knew and learned and combine it all into one area, and so in 2011 is when Willow Creek Studio was born.

This was my Healing Practice; a place for healing and spirituality. I loved Willow Creek Studio and truly believed in my heart that this was my home. What I realized was that creativity kept sneaking its way into my coaching practice. I found myself wrapped up in journaling, writing, painting, drawing, doodling and sketching: I couldn't run away from it or shall I say I couldn't run away from myself.

Willow Creek Studio lasted for two years and then in 2013 was when Creative Soul Poetry was born. Finally, I got it! A Coaching/Healing practice that enhances and focuses on creativity; my coaching tool to help others move forward in their lives. Yes! a Reiki Master, Woo-Woo Soul and a splash of creativity goes a long, joyful way.

So, this is what I have learned within The Circle of Dreams: it's a lifetime journey. It's a learning experience like no other. If you are working every day, showing up, writing articles, posting at your Twitter account, Facebook Business Page and other social medias on a daily basis, well, then - you are in business!

I have to be honest and say that I don't always research other businesses and I don't watch a lot of coaching videos (my attention span won't allow me). Now before you say anything, let me share that I do have my share of Inspirations and, yes, I go to their sites and keep up with their journey. Doing this, for nearly 20+ years, I have come across a thousand blogs, but recently, I have been truly enjoying the creative process of discovering "me." I am lucky to say that I also have a wonderful friend who has been on this journey of dreams with me for over seven years and she has been my support system from day one. Without her, I would have been six-feet under.

I am not technical savvy and I'm still learning. I believe in simplicity and baby steps: there's no rush. Trust me, I went through the emotions of comparing myself to others, trying new things within my business, thinking I am getting too old, dealt with perfectionism, time management and so on, but what was happening in the process was that I was not fully being me. This is when I realized that I needed to stop researching other people and needed to start going within and start researching myself.

Truthfully, when we research others, stalk others (in a good way), and compare - it keeps us from truly finding our true authentic selves. When I want to write about something, create something - I don't research others. Why? Because it keeps me from fully being in the present moment; I get distracted. Granted, I will look at other artists, paintings, art journals and sketches to receive inspiration and get a *feel* of how things are designed and created, yes, but overall - I try really hard to stay focused by looking within. 

I read online articles all the time for inspiration and learning. I read books constantly about business, creativity and spirituality: I am always in learning mode; a student of life. The internet is at our fingertips, filled with inspiration and those who inspire us are our teachers, mentors, community, tribe, friends and so on. I think it is SO important to look towards others for inspiration, but while we are trying to create our own unique path, it is OK to take a step back and search within our souls. Ask yourself this: How do you inspire yourself? How do you inspire others?

Who are you? What is your favorite color? If your favorite color is purple, well, there should be some splash of purple on your website. Remember, this is YOUR dream, too! Create a playground for yourself where you find yourself absorbed in it every day. Trust me, the more you play and show enthusiasm, the more others will jump into your sand box!

Never stop dreaming. Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us, Life is a journey; not a destination.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dreamboard Journaling

"The entrepreneur is essentially a visualizer and an actualizer. He can visualize something, and when he visualizes it he sees exactly how to make it happen." Robert L. Schultz

Dream Boards are one of the most fun, creative and powerful journaling tools to work with. My first time knowing about vision boards was in Kindergarten. How many of you remember having to cut out magazine cut-outs for a project? Or your own kids coming home asking if they can rip apart your magazine for a dream project about their future?

The first time I read about dream/vision boards for adults was when I read the book Simple Abundance by Sara Ban Breathnach back in 1995: back then, I was doing the typical Dream Kitchen and Home pictures. Not too long after that, I found our lovely and inspiring Creative Living Coach Jamie Ridler where Full Moon Dream Boards came to life and exploded into Cyberspace: this is where our dream passion comes full circle.

Not too long after that, Pinterest was created and Pin Boards became a place for crafts, creativity, dreams, recipes, DIY and so much more! However, many have their opinions about vision boards, do they really work? Are they simply a delusional way of dreaming? In the article, For Some, Vision Boards (Don't Always) Work, it states, "I believe that the REAL power of the manifestation board is in the 'putting it away' phase-the letting GO!" I like that - Letting Go!

When I create vision boards, I combine it with writing. I create a board with some pictures and then I write an intention. I will journal about what my creation/vision means to me and may add an action plan and goals to the mix. For easy storage and organization, I use a hardcover journal; keeping it small so that way my mind is focused in on the intention more so than the beautiful pictures (although they are very inspiring, but, for me, it is a way to stay focused): simply do what works for you.

Here are some tips:

  • Draw a line across the page: above is the dream board and below is the writing. This is a great format as when you look at the page, your pictures are right there in front of your eyes without having to look *down.*
  • Try to focus in on one area as dream boards have become so broad and many use it for healing purposes as well as animal medicine, eating habits, vacations and so on.
  • Gather your thoughts about what it is you want to create and write about them.
  • Set the tone: grab a favorite beverage, light a candle and gather your magazines and art supplies.
  • Create your own rendition of what a dream board is suppose to look like. Add stickers, paints, glitter and so on.
There are so many ways to create vision boards. Let your imagination take over and have fun with it. Be authentic! Design something and create a board like no other; try using a Canvas and Mod Podge. Enjoy the process and simply Let Go! You can also read Vision Boards: Do They Really Work?